How Long Do I Have to Wait to See Results After BodyTite?

i had bodytite done on my flanks, outer thighs and buttocks, plus smart lipo on inner thighs 4 days ago. the swelling went down a bit.. i had a bit more than half a liter removed. when can i see results? does this little amount of fat removed make a difference?

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How long it takes to see results from Bodytite

Bodytite stimulates skin to tighten from the inside out, by passing RF energy through the skin using a probe that goes under the skin and a second contact that rests on the skin.  The procedure is usually followed by liposuction to remove the fat that has been heated.  Because this is an energy technology, it will take some time for the body to respond to the stimuli before seeing the full results, typically taking 3-12 months to see maximum skin tightening.

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Results from liposuction

Regardless of type of liposuction, whether conventional tumescent, laser-assisted or radifrequency-assisted, there can be improvement for six months or more as the body continues to retract and tighten.

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