How Long Do I Have to Wait to Exercise Again After Lipo?

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Exercise after Liposuction

Exercise Guidelines after Liposuction
Information about Liposuction Recovery
Here is the information I give my patients regarding the recovery process after liposuction including Smart Lipo and other lipo techniques.
As with all operations, pain and discomfort varies greatly from patient to patient. Generally, one should expect that pain medication will be required for the first few days. Continuing discomfort can last varying amounts of time.  Much of the swelling and bruising will be improved within two weeks; however, some will persist for six to eight weeks.  It is often difficult to see permanent changes in the body shape before this time.
Most patients are instructed to wear an elastic garment from four to six weeks to help with skin shrinkage. Your plastic surgeon will tell you how long you should wear your elastic garment. For patients with poor skin elasticity Endermologie treatments may be recommended.
Normal activity may be resumed at 2 weeks post operation to tolerance and that would include elliptical and light cardio.  In general, patients may return to office work 3-5 days after the operation, and 14 days for more active employment.  After the operation, exercises are recommended, such as walking immediately and progressive activities beginning on the 14th day, in order to minimize the adhesions between the skin and the deeper tissues. Walking, swimming, or a stationary bicycle can usually begin in a few days after surgery. Specific time periods for resumption of daily activities, work, and exercise with be further discussed by your surgeon post operation.
Early results are seen 10-14 days after surgery, but improvement continues for 4-6 months.  Persistent swelling and irregularities may be present for several months.  If antibiotics are prescribed, they should be taken as directed.

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exercise again after lipo

Interesting question. You really should ONLY follow your surgeon's protocol. With that said the time frame between operation and returning to exercising depends upon the following: !. Which type of liposuction techniques or combination therefore, 2. Your own medical history, 3. surgeon's protocol, 4. Amount removed. So you see the answer to your question is dependent upon the actual procedure on each individual. On average the answer is 1 week. From MIAMI DR. B

Wait--discuss with PS before resuming physical activities!

Liposuction recovery varies from patient to patient.We generally recommend that patients take a week off from work following this procedure. Occasionally, patients are able to return to work even sooner. Patients usually resume all their normal activities within six weeks following surgery without restrictions.

We feel that exercise facilitates recovery, and because of this, we encourage physical activity.However, strenuous activity and heavy lifting are usually avoided for five to six weeks following liposuction.Before resuming strenuous physical activity, it’s important to contact your plastic surgeon.Your surgeon should be able to make an appropriate recommendation based on your post-operative progress.

About a week

Moderate exercise can be resumed after one week, depending on the size of the area and how many areas are involved. You should ask your surgeon, though.

3 weeks but ask your surgeon

This depends on the extent of your surgery. Generally, I advise patients to wait 3 weeks. However, you should ask your surgeon for more accurate advice pertaining to your specific situation.

It's OK to workout 1 week after surgery

I recommend patients can begin to start increased activity at one week out after liposuction - although recommendations amongst surgeons can vary greatly.  While I don't restrict patients from any type of activity after one week, I do reinforce that the more activity you engage in, the longer and more persisten the swelling will be.  I don't feel this harms the ultimate result, but you will be swollen for a longer period of time.

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Exercise after liposuction

One can usually exercise at a moderate level at 1-2 weeks after lipo. However, extremely strenuous exercise (such as high heart rate cardio exercise) that can create swelling is best left to 4-6 weeks after the procedure.

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Liposuction and exercise

With most surgical procedures I perform, I usually recommend to wait about 3-4 weeks to begin aerobic exercise and 6-8 weeks to perform heavy lifting.  With liposuction I think the time is cut significantly. I think that by 2 weeks or so you can go back to full exercise routines.

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Liposuction and Exercise

I usually recommend waiting 4-6 weeks before vigorous exercise is begun.  This will allow the skin to drape over your new slimmer core.

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Exercise after liposuction

Usually it is safe to resume vigorous exercise 2 weeks after liposuction, but the timing depends on several factors including the areas that were operated upon and the volume aspirated. You should consult with your surgeon to confirm his/her recommendations.

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