How Long It Will Take the Scars of Donut Lifting Method Goes Away?

I am 30 year old and had a minor Donut lifting breast 4 months ago, and around my areola has harder texture and darker color, and a little ropy. My doctor said I should give it 3 more months to heal, but I am so worry that they never go away. please guide me.

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Red Hard Donut Mastopexy Scars Need Treatment

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Thank you for your question.  Red, ropey, lumpy or irritated scars 4 months after a dermal mastopexy or breast lift are unusual and a sign of abnormal wound healing.

While all plastic surgical scars can be pink for 7 months on average the typical breast lift scars go from red for the first 2-3 weeks to pink during the next 3-4 weeks and progressively lighten after 6 weeks.

A scar that is raised, red, itchy or painful, lumpy, or ropey at 4 months is most likely a hypertrophic scar and requires some form of treatment in my opinion

I initiate treatment if a breast lift scar becomes a red or irritated during the first 6 weeks after treatment and ideally some type of intervention is most effective if initiated at 2-3 weeks after surgery.

IPL or intense pulse light treatments are very effective at reducing redness of scars.  1540 fractional erbium laser treatments are very effective in reducing lumpiness, raised red scars, painful scars and itching scars.

Massage and topical scar creams such as Scarguard should be done daily.

Discuss this with your surgeon and if he or she does not want to intervene then consider a second opinion.


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At your age and depending on skin type and propensity for scarring it takes about a year for optimal scar improvement. Much depends on how you #TreatYourBreastScars during this time period. Best Scar Management is important to minimize or completely hide from view, the telltale signs of your surgery—namely, scars. Both you and your surgeon want you to have the most minimal scarring possible. There are many possible causes for scars that are enlarged or not healing well. Unsightly scars are most commonly due to genetics, underlying medical conditions, or improper scar/wound care. The last part is very important and patients can make a noticeable difference in their scars’ appearance by following best scar management practices. Here are some simple tips in the below link:

Scar management after a doughnut mastopexy

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You are still relatively early in the post operative course.  Continue with scar massage and re-evaluate in 6 months.   

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Donut mastopexy scar resolution

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Hello! It takes up to a year for scars to fade, with the initial phase of healing taking about 4 months. It is worth touching base with your plastic surgeon to determine the best method of scar management. Silicone gel sheeting is very good for this time and Biocorneum is a topical ointment with silicone in it that is helpful too. Definitely stay in the loop with your surgeon.

Michele A. Shermak, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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How Long It Will Take the Scars of Donut Lifting Method Goes Away?

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Scars are permanent. They never go away.

Typically, however, the improve over the course of a year. They are usually at the maximum for thickness and redness at about 6-8 weeks. But they are always present.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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