How Long the Results of a Temporal Lift Will Last in a 22 Years Old Woman?

hallo im 22 years old and before 4 months i had temporal lift. my doctor made a long incision and he removed extra skin. before the operation i had hooded eyes but i want a more open almond-shape eyes. 2 weeks after the operation i was really really happy with the results cause i had the shape i wanted but after the stithes removed and the swelling stop my eyes are no looking so good. i want to know for how long my eyes will look the same as now and how bad will be after 10-15 years.

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How long does a temporal lift last

some brows are difficult but the results should last a number of years. perhaps the brow needs more release or better suspension

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Brow lift longevity

Typically brow lift longevity is better than with other facial plastic surgery procedures.  No one can tell how you will age - only time will tell

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Longevity of Temporal Brow Lift in 22 year old

At this point, the result is probably fairly stable.  The swelling has resolved.  The results of these lifts may last several years.  However, this durability, in part, is dependent upon method of fixation, if any, skin removal amount, etc.  In most patients, once they notice any amount of recurrence they want the procedure done again.  However, another procedure or procedures may be more useful in the future.  In addition, consider adjunctive Botox for subtle results and maintenance.

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How Long the Results of a Temporal Lift Will Last in a 22 Years Old Woman?

 Temporal Lifts are an isolated, minimally invasive type of Brow Lift that typically lasts 6 - 12 months after which the forehead goes back to it's original position.  At 22 years old it would be unusual, but not impossible, for your eyebrows to be in a very low aesthetic position.  If that is the case, a formal Brow Lift would be indicated and is the long term solution to raising the eybrows.

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Temple lift and eye appearance

Your eyes, themselves should not have any long term change after a temple lift. What you will have in the long term is less hair or a detectible scar depending on the technique used. The brows may stay up but the corners of the eyes should not change unless work was done on the eyes themselves. All thiscomment  is theoretical without dated before and after pictures and operative details.

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Difficult to answer

Honestly this is a very difficult question for us to answer. You have not provided any photos for us to evaluate. Furthermore, it is not possible for us to accurately predict how you will look in 10-15 years. Everybody ages differently. And it is not common for someone to have a browlift at age 22, which makes the prediction even more difficult.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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