Staples and Brow Lift? (photo)

I had a one sided brow lift and nine staples were used. The staples were removed approx I week later. A friend told me they should have been left in two weeks. The right side where I had the lift is still a little lumpy and the staple sites are tender. Now I am worried that the lift will not be as successful as it good have been. Did the staples need to stay in longer?

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Staples in the scalp

It is always best to remove the staples from the scalp at 7 days after the procedure.  There is no benefit to leaving them in longer

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Staples And Browlift

Staples can be used to close the scalp in a browlift. The staples' main purpose is to close the scalp and has no impact on the fixation of the brow (the part that keeps the brow elevated).

I prefer staples to sutures as in my hands, there is better alignment and approximation of the scalp and the scar is harder to detect.

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When to Remove Sutures / Staples

Your surgeon is the only person who knows 100% when to remove any type of fixation - they are the one who put it there!  The brow lift is not created by the staples, rather the staples just hold the scalp incision back together so it can heal.  In regions where the scars may be more visible (junction of hairline / scalp), surgeons like to remove staples early (4-7 days) to avoid "tracks" at the staple points.  In regions completely inside the hairline, the staples might have a more load-bearing role, and could be left in 2 weeks.  They will leave little marks where the staples were, but these will be lost in the scalp hair landscape.  If a surgeon wants to remove staples early in a tension region, they can place absorbable sutures on some deeper layer of the scalp.  

Brow lifting and staples

The staples were removed at the appropriate time.  I think what you are describing is natural healing due to the tension and inherent trauma of the surgery.  It should slowly resolve over months.  I would encourage you not to touch the area too much.

Steven J. Covici, MD
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Cosmetic Surgery is an Art and a Science

What you are describing is normal healing. Since there are deeper stitches in the scalp, it is OK to remove them at 1 week. All the best

Staples in scall

During brow lift sutres under the scalp support the lift. The staples wre only used to close the incision and shoul have no effect on the lift. Staples are usually removed around day 7. Staple removal should not have any effect on your result.

Removing staples 7 days after Brow Lift is fine

When ever we perform brow lifts I remove the staples after 6-7 days. There are usually sutures in the underlying fascia which will support the wound. I use staples in the scalp rather than sutures because the staple are less likely to call hair loss. On the other hand there really is no problem leaving them in longer except for that the catch on your brush or comb. 

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Staples Taken out at One Week

   Staples taken out one week after brow lift is a fine time.  Sutures suspend deeper layers as well, usually.  Kenneth Hughes, MD brow lift Los Angeles, CA

Staples and brow lift

The staples are usually used to close the skin, they are not used to elevate the brow directly.  As for soreness this is fairly common after surgery. Give it time to heal.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Staples shouldn't affect brow height

The staples are used to close the skin incisions through which the brow lift was done. The staples do not hold up the skin of the forehead. In most cases, removing them after a week is appropriate as the skin has sufficiently healed.  

Matheson A. Harris, MD
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