Is It Normal to Have Air Trapped Beneath the Scalp After Brow Lift Surgery?

I had an endoscopic brow lift with bleph (upper) on January 8, 2013 and have had air and some fluid trapped beneath my scalp along with numbness. Is this normal? If so, how long before it starts to go away? I cannot find any information on this in my research.

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Air under scalp after endoscopic browlift

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This is very common.  The air and fluid should resolve in a few weeks or so.  The numbness may take a while longer.  Nerves are very hard to predict.  Some patients may have a little less feeling in an area or two, but it is usually well tolerated.

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Air under scalp after brow surgery

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In the first few days after surgery, it isn't unusual to have some air under the scalp. This usually goes away by a week. The blood under the scalp, depending on how much accumulated, can last longer.  Your surgeon can evaluate you to determine if your healing isn't on track.

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Air in Scalp After Brow Lift

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It would be completely expected to have air under your scalp following a brow lift procedure.  Your body should reabsorb the air in a very short period of time.

Michael Sundine, MD
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Air trapping after brow lift is normal in short term

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Thanks for your question

It is completely normal to have some air trapping under your skin after browlifting surgery. The air should resolve a few weeks after surgery as the area decompresses over time. The numbness of your scalp is also common and this could last up to 1 year but gradual improvement will happen over that year. Good luck as you heal.

Sachin Parikh, MD 

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Air under scalp

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Air under scalp and numbness are very common after brow lift surgery.  be patient and follow up with your surgeon

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Numbness and fluid after Endoscopic Brow lift

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Yes, some degree of temporary numbness in the treated area is expected after any surgery, including brow lift and blepharoplasty. Some amounts of trapped fluid (seroma) will be absorbed by the body, while larger amounts may need to be drained by your plastic surgeon in the office. Most of the symptoms you describe typically improve greatly within weeks. Speak with your cosmetic surgeon regarding any concerns. Best of luck.


Dr. Chaboki


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Healing and Recovery after Browlift

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Swelling, bruising, and a little air are all normal to experience after browlift and resolve over the first couple weeks.  Scalp numbness is also normal, but may take several months to improve.  You should notify your surgeon of any excess swelling or fluid in the postoperative period as this may need intervention, and/or close monitoring.

Lynn Chiu-Collins, MD
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Scalp Sensations After An Endoscopic Browlift

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All of the feelings you are experiencing are completely normal after an endoscopic browlift. I doubt if you have air under the scalp but some fluid is possible. All of that will be absorbed within a few weeks after surgery. The feeling in the scalp will return to normal in a few months.

Swelling is normal

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THese sensations are very normal this early after surgery. Air being trapped probably happens more often than we think. All those sensations will improve with time, though the numbness will take the longest.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Air, Fluid, and Numbness after Browlift

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   Air and fluid sensations may be normal.  Hematoma and fluid collection would not be normal.  Swelling can be significant after browlift.  Numbness may be transient or permanent. 

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