Is Long Term Use of Alpha Arbutin Safe?

Is is safe for me to use Alpha Arbutin 6% forever? If not, can I use it for 6 months; and then each week, miss out a day of using it? Will i maintain my results? I am trying to remove sunspots, blemishes ect.. Thank you Very much! Product in question: Nufountain C20+Lightening

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 As you already know Alpha-Arbutin is marketed as an Over The Counter (OTC) alternative to Hydroquinone & d-kojic acid. It acts to lighten the skin after and reduces tanning that occurs after UV exposure. Alpha-Arbutin works by inhibiting the body’s production of tyrosaine, an enzyme that produces the melanin that causes a suntan. There are no long term scientific studies on this OTC product. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

Columbia Plastic Surgeon

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