How Long Will Seroma Pain Last?

I had a mtt and lip to upper abs and flanks on 6-26 After 3 1/2 weeks my drain fell out My ps decided that i still had to much fluid and wanted to put another in So at 4 weeks he went to put it in While he was doing that he noticed I had a infected seroma It ended up being mersa He flushed and cleaned it out So my question is, how much longer will i have all this pain I am 6 weeks from tt and 2 from the other I am still having to take px pain meds daily How much longer until I stop having this pain

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Painful infected seroma

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I am sorry you are having this problem.My concern is that your pain may be from continuing infection. So these are my questons:

  1. Has the MRSA infected seroma been opened and infected material removed?
  2. Is it healing from the inside out?  Or with a drain?
  3. Are your cultures still growing MRSA?
  4. What antibiotics were/are you receiving?

Post-operative MRSA infections typically require wide surgical drainage in the operating room, healing from the inside out, wound vacs to speed healing and intravenous antibiotics, usually directed by an infectious disease specialist if one is available.

Discuss with your surgeon exactly what he has been done, your cultures, your pain and what more might be needed for you to heal. Best wishes. 

Painful seroma after tummy tuck

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I am sorry to hear of your difficult recovery.   Seroma cavities can easily become infected.   The best treatment is wide drainage, which appears to be what your surgeon did.   I would recommend antibiotic treatment and close followup. 

If it does not resolve or recurs, it may be necessary to remove the seroma capsule or cavity, as this may harbor the infection.


I hope this helps.

Dr. Gill

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Infected seroma after tummy tuck

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Sorry to hear that you have a complication after tummy tuck.  Although tummy tuck is a safe surgery, there can be a small risks/complication such as seroma formation.  You will most likely have pain until your infection is completely cleared.  Make sure that you visit with your plastic surgeon regularly so that he can monitor your progress.

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