How Long Should the Redness and Blotchiness Last After Co2 Fractional Laser, It is 12 Weeks

It is 12 weeks now, I had it done at lifestyle lifts

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Fractional CO2 Laser - post treatment


Redness and Blotchiness post Laser, persisting even upto 12 weeks, may need a little attention - increase your sunscreen usage, and consult your derm for a topical product for reducing skin sensitivity. In our practice(higher skin types), persistent redness/ blotchiness can be a marker for pigmentation, so we treat that aggressively. We normally do not expect see to redness persisting for more than 10 to 14 days with a fractional CO2 Laser treatment,  in our skin types.

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How Long Should the Redness and Blotchiness Last After Co2 Fractional Laser, It is 12 Weeks

Thank you for your question. Redness from a CO2 laser will take many months to resolve. There are lasers that you can use that can help the redness go away faster. Best wishes

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Redness after CO2 Laser

Depending on the type and intensity of the treatment, redness can last days to months.  In your case, if your skin has already healed completely (which it should have), you may benefit from topical steroid cream.  Make sure you are using high quality skin products and aggressively avoiding the sun.

Of course, you should follow up with the surgeon who performed your laser procedure.  This may be difficult with the outfit you chose, but you should insist.  Otherwise, you may have to pay to see a non LSL physician who performs CO2 laser resurfacing.  Keep in mind, I am not advising you to start a new treatment without speaking to your doctor first.

Best of luck to you!


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All lasers and those who use them are not created equal!

Post laser care is a "process" which involves careful instruction of the patient and variation of the how the areas are treated. The aftercare of resurfacing lasers is more complicated than the aftercare of most surgery. Even at three months after co2 laser, the topical treatment can modulate the quality of the skin. Dr. Mayl Fort Lauderdale

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Redness after co2 laser

Usually our patients reddness and blotchy skin resolves in a few days not weeks. However. in darkerskin at high power we have seen this problem for 3-6 months. You need to cintinue moisturizers and cover up make up. Y should be ok.  Stay out of the sun

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