How Long to Take OTC Pain Meds After Tummy Tuck?

I stopped taking narcotics PO Day 3 bc I ran out. My doctor then said to transition to Advil which I did. The Advil worked well, however, after the 4 hours have passed I begin to feel very achy and feverish. PO Day 5 I had a follow up appt and he then told me to transition to ES Tylenol. It works fine, but I still began to feel bad after its ran its course. I am now PO Day 8 and I really want to get off of OTC meds to avoid long term side affects. How long should I take OTC meds?

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OTC Meds 8 Days after Tummy Tuck

    First of all, getting off of the narcotics by 3 days is to be commended.  Having to take pain meds at 8 days is fairly common.  You will be Ok with the Tylenol, if taken as directed, until you no longer need it.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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How Long to Take OTC Pain Meds After Tummy Tuck?

Take it until you don't need it any longer. Start by skipping a dose at a time when you are having little or no pain, and then resume only as needed. For issues of long term side effects, think months, not days. 

Thanks for your question, all the best. 

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Pain Medication After Tummy Tuck

You are one tough cookie!  Most patients use the prescription pain medication for 5-7 days after a tummy tuck before transitioning to non-narcotic pain relievers.  These pain relievers are usually used for another week after that.  As long as you are not taking more than the manufacturer's recommended doses, I think you are fine to continue the over the counter meds for a week or so provided you are otherwise healthy.  I would discuss this with your doctor who knows your complete health history however.

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