How long I should leave part 1 cosmelan on? (Photo)

I've purchased cosmelan to apply at home. I consider myself light toned with some German, Portuguese decent. My biggest problem areas are around my lips and cheek bone areas.

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Cosmelan Treatment

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Cosmelan has an at home treatment which is not as strong as the MD preparation.  The MD preparation which is placed only in a doctor's office has hydoquinone and Retin-A compounded into the preparation.  The time left on is followed by guidelines from 5 or more hours depending on skin type.  Since this is a weaker preparation you should contact the company itself for guidelines.   

How long does Cosmelan stay on?

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Cosmelan is almost always applied in a doctor's office because it has to be done a specific way..... You leave it on for 6-8 hours, but the physician and medical staff determine that. From your photos I don't see melasma which is what this treatment is for. I see other sun damage, freckles, and sites, but Cosmelan is not a treatment for those.

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