How Long Does Juvederm Ultra Plus Last in Lips?

About how long does Juvederm ultra plus last in lips?

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Restylane is the only FDA approved filler for the lips...

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In my practice we’ve gotten away from using Juvederm Ultra Plus in the lips. It tends to have a higher incidence of clumping and other irregularities when used in the lips compared to a product such as Restylane. Restylane is now the only hyaluronic acid filler available which is FDA approved for use in the lips. 


Juvederm Ultra Plus in the lips

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A lot longer than Ultra. In the lips Ultra Plus lasts 12 months or more. I have a patient whose lips are still augmented nicely after 2 years.

Juvederm Ultra Plus for Lips

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The length of time that an HA filler will last can vary for each individual. In my experience the range is 6-12 months. After multiple sessions you may notice the filler lasts longer and you may need less frequent injections. 

Juvederm in the Lips

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Juvederm Ultra Plus is a thick filler that normally is not used in the lips due to the likelihood of lumps. Restylane and Juvederm are better choices for placing filler in the lips. Restylane and Juvederm usually last anywhere from 6-9 months in the lips.

Juvederm Works Well For Lip Enhancement

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I would agree that Juvederm lasts 6-12 months when used for lip enhancement. I also think that Juvederm Ultra Plus produces fuller lips and lasts longer than Juvederm Ultra when used for lip enhancement. Compared with other hyaluronic acid fillers, Juvederm does exhibit nice staying power in the lips. The result of subsequent injections seems to be cumulative in some respect. Patients who have had two or three treatments (which have not necessarily been closely spaced) often see prolonged / progressive results that may last 18-24 months without the need for additional fill.

Juvederm is my choice for lip enhancement. Juvederm Ultra is probably a bit easier to work with and provides a more natural result, when compared to Ultra Plus which tends to provide more (excessive) volume when used in the lips.

Best wishes. Ken Dembny

Jeuvederm Lip Augmentation

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The length of time that Jeuvederm lasts depends on a number of factors such as location it is placed, the technique, type of Jeuvederm (e.g. Jeuvederm vs Jeuvederm Plus vs Jeuvederm Ultra) and other factors such as underlying medical conditions. For example when placed in muscle for lip augmentation (an off label FDA usage) it does not last as long perhaps 6-8 months. In the cheeks it usually lasts for 6-12 months

How Long Does Juvederm Ultra Plus Last in Lips?

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  This filler is a bit thick and not recommended for Lip Augmentation.  Using Juvederm or Restylane is fine in the lips and will last about 9 months.  If you want a longer lasting Lip Augmentation, consider Alloderm Lip Implants that last about 7 years providing soft, supple lips.  Be sure the MD you choose for Lip Augmentation understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial (and lip) beauty for the creation of  balanced, properly-proportioned, beautiful lips.  

Juvederm Ultra Plus for Lips lasts about 1 year

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Juvederm Ultra Plus is not yet FDA approved for the lips, but in fact, it works very well if done properly. It is very hydrophilic (spongelike) and so there is need for conservatism when injecting, and not placing the product too superficially, since blebs can occur. Molding the lips after injection is also important. Results last 9 to 18 months, averaging about 1 year.

Juvederm Ultra Plus in the Lips

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Juvederm Ultra Plus lasts up to 12 months. As you may already know, this is the slightly more viscous formulation compared with 8% cross linking compared to Juvederm Ultra which only has 6%. Juvederm Ultra only lasts about 6-9 months. 

Sanusi Umar, MD
Redondo Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Juvederm Ultra Plus Duration....

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It is FDA approved to last up to 12 months.  In my experience I see it range from 6 to 12 months.

Hope this helps.


 Dr. Grant Stevens     

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