How Long Will I Need Help Taking Care of Myself After a Bbl?

I live in new york and I will most likely be getting a bbl in miami , I plan on staying down there at least 3 to 5 weeks because I don't want to come back down there just in case an early complication arises plus I have a one year old at home . So my question is will I need to stay at a "recovery house" with a 24 hr nurse or hire my own nurse, or will I be just fine in a hotel taking care of myself ? I am going to be down there alone and I want to be best prepared.

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You Will Need Help

Your surgeon should have provisions for out of town patients.  You might start by getting organized with his/her office.  You will definitely need help for about 4 weeks after your procedure.


How Long Will I Need Help Taking Care of Myself After a Bbl?

      You will probably want to discuss this with your surgeon, because this will depend somewhat upon what exactly is done and general medical health.   Staying a few weeks certainly could not hurt, but I would not recommend you be by yourself, particularly right after surgery.

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