How Long Will the Hardness Last Around the Scar After a Tummy Tuck?

I've had 2 prior c-sections and the area where I've had my c-sections is still really swollen and hard as a rock. The tummy tuck scar on each side is healing wonderfully. Will the hardness and swelling go away? I also had my abdomen muscles tightened. Above my belly button, it still looks really swollen and worse than before I had surgery. Is this normal?

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Tummy tuck scars.

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I recommend scheduling a follow up appointment with your Plastic Surgeon. When the incision breaks down from a tummy tuck, it is usually due to excessive tension. As the wound heals, the resultant scar is often firm and raised. This will take several months to soften, but it typically does. Bulges in the upper abdomen following a tummy tuck are either a fluid collection (seroma) or a failure of the muscle repair. The difference is usually easy to diagnose on examination.

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Tummy Tuck scar

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I would recommend returning to your plastic surgeon for a follow-up.  The firmness you are feeling under the incision is most likely scar tissue. That can take 6-12 months to soften and reach its final results.  Warm compresses and gentle massage may help speed up the process.  I hope this helps you.

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Bulge above the belly button after tummy tuck

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The scar from your tummy tuck will soften, though this area can stay firm for several months. The upper bulge however could indicate lack of muscle plication above the belly button. A fluid collection, called a seroma, can also be seen in this area, and aspiration by your surgeon can solve the problem.

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Tummy tuck

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You should make sure there is no Seroma above the belly button. The scar will usually soften over 3 to 6 months

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