How Long Does It Take to Feel Results from Septoplasty?

I had my septoplasty surgery almost 2 months ago, and so far I still haven't feel good about the result. Although I sleep better but the air flow is still not smooth going into my sinus. I can always feel there's swelling or burning on the side that was worked on. I do heard a lot of people saying the procedure takes max. 6 months to see effect. Meanwhile my doctor said the airflow looked perfect and nothing else can be done. Does it really have to wait that long to see effect? I m so lost...Need help please!

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When can you expect the improvement after Septoplasty?

If the septoplasty has failed, you and your doctor will have realize this within a few weeks. Not so for success. The nasal breathing can continue to improve for several months. However there should be a notiable difference within several weeks.

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