How Long Will Drainage Last After a Breast Lift?

i had a breast lift 4 days ago and there is a little clear yellowish fluid draining from my right breast in one spot on the incision around my nipple is this normal and how long should this last? i dont have any other signs of an infection that i know of how many days should i wait before i become concerned? thanks

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Drainage from breasts

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It sounds like from your description that there is minot healing issues that are causing a bit of a leak.  Usualy this stops pretty quickly.  Follow the instructions of your surgeon.

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Drainage after Mastopexy?

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Thank you for the question.

Your description of a “liberal yellowish fluid draining from one spot” is not too concerning. Occasionally, patients may have a superficial opening ( possibly related to a stitch  "spitting”).  I would suggest that you keep the area clean ( sterile dressing)  and continue close follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

Clear yellowish drainage 4 days after breast lift is not of concern (usually)!

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At this stage of your recovery, a tiny incisional opening draining clear yellowish fluid is entirely normal. This can be a bit of serum (like blister fluid) or a tiny droplet of fat necrosis (dead fat cells break down and their fatty content is clear and yellow). This is a normal part of the healing process and should seal shut and stop draining in a day or so more.

I always tell my patients that this spot should be kept clean and dressed with a gauze bandage, since fluid coming out can also mean bacteria can enter! Bacitracin ointment is OK, but I don't recommend triple antibiotic ointment since repeated use can stimulate an allergic response that looks surprisingly like an infection (and then even MORE ointment is applied, worsening the reaction)!

Keep this spot clean and protected. You should not be afraid to call and speak with your surgeon or his nursing staff; see what they recommend. Best wishes!

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