Premature Sagging at Age 16?

HI, so im 16yrs old and im pretty chubby i have slightly large breast ,and i started growing at a early age, and i have noticed my breast were sagging around 15 is there any way i can reverse the process or is implants(later) a better answer, my breast sagging is GRADE 2 according to the chart

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Breast sagging at age 16--what to do.

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By your own description your body and your breasts are proportionate (both a bit large), and implants do NOT "lift" sagging breasts, nor do they prevent future droopiness!

Your own breast anatomy has a downward-pointing nipple configuration, and this is entirely normal, though it may not be what you want your breasts to look like. Cosmetic breast surgery (probably a breast lift) can improve the appearance of your breasts, but there will be scars, possible loss of sensation, and the cost, (minimal) risks, and recovery from an operation. So you owe it to yourself to have the surgery when your growth is complete (probably by age 15 or 16 for most women, but once your height and bra size remain stable for a year, assuming a steady weight), and when you are as close as possible to your ideal weight, so your result is the most outstanding one possible.

As others have stated, your best bet is to start on a self-improvement plan of decreased intake and increased activity (a bit of both is best, not some crazy diet you can't maintain) to achieve a healthy, stable, and lower weight. In the meantime start researching qualified ABPS-certified plastic surgeons, and start saving for the surgery that can indeed help you greatly!

But lose weight first, be healthy so everything heals, avoid tobacco and drugs, and get ready for a new you! You CAN do it and we all will cheer you on! Best wishes!

I'm younger than 20 years old and my breasts are sagging. Why do I have sagging already?

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In addition to aging, #sagging breasts can result from past pregnancies, genetics, or weight loss which can be present regardless of one's age. Hence, sagging can affect a #teenager if any of the factors other than age, have been present.

"Premature" Sagging

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It is important to remember that young women can continue to demonstrate breast develop through their late teen years and into their 20's. This will vary from individual to individual. Any discussion of surgery before growth has stabilized (for at least a 12 month period) is "premature."

In the interim, it is best to focus on your overall health (diet, exercise) with a goal of achieving your ideal healthy stable weight. These things while not directed at breast appearance specifically can help. Weight fluctuations may exacerbate the perceived problem. It is also recommended that you invest in an appropriately fitting and supportive undergarment.

When the time comes, you may benefit from a lift but it is very early for such judgements. Consult with your board certified plastic surgeon, as he /she is uniquely qualified to guide you in your decisions. 

Breast “Sagging” at 16?

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Thank you for the question.

I think the first place to start is to  achieve a long-term stable weight through appropriate diet and exercise.  Do your best to avoid significant fluctuations of white that can be detrimental to the skin elasticity and resulting breast position. Use of supportive bras may also be helpful.

Down the line, he may benefit from breast lifting/reduction depending on your situation and life circumstances.

Best wishes.

Preventing breast sagging

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Often the breast shape is inherited, and unfortunately you have a 'natural' sag or ptosis to your breast shape. Excessive weight and pregnancies can contribute to sagging, and your best prevention is a lean body, and plenty of exercise with a good support or sports bra.

Best of luck,

Premature breast sagging

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Certainly the worst thing that you can do is to keep your weight up or to have multiple fluctuations causing further stretching and sagging.  I'd suggest getting into a better diet and exercise place and wearing good support at all times.  Implants won't fix sagging either.

Breast shape can vary and does not imply sagging

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Breast shape can vary dramatically and having a particular breast shape does not necessarily mean that the breast "sags".  In this world of standardization, many women often think that a given breast shape is what they should have and that their own breast shape is somewhat abnormal.

Fortunately, there is a great variety of breast shapes that fall within the normal range,and breast shape continues to change over time.  Weight control, exercise, and proper bra fit will contribute to a healthy breast.

Reshaping a breast that has some mild "sag" can be done with relatively smaller surgery and may be indicated once the breast has stopped evolving and has achieved a stable shape for at least one year.

Mario Diana, MD
Plano Plastic Surgeon

Sagging breasts

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Breasts sag with time. Some things that exacerbate it are significant weight fluctuations, age, and pregnancy.

Preventing sagging Breasts

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There is no known way to prevent sagging breasts that has been scientifically proven BUT, it would make sense that if you wore a bra at all times when gravity was at work pulling the breasts down, you should be able to minimize the effects that gravity contributes to the sagging. Of the other two variable, breast size can be changed through breast reduction but skin quality cannot be changed.

Sagging Breasts at 16

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At your age, I think your best option would be to begin a diet and exercise program to achieve a normal weight for your body size.  While this will not alter any sagging that has already occurred, it may prevent further enlargement of your breasts due to more weight gain.  I would recommend waiting until you are around 18 years old before considering any surgery.  At that point, you should seek consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss the options.

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