Will these indents and lumps disappear? (photos)

Although its only been five days post surgery from my 5 point silhouette thread lift, with a suture at each side of my hairline. I am looking at some photographs on this site and none of these people seem to have these indents and lumps straight after surgery that I have. I am worrying, is this normal? Thank you for your time in replying to me.

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Lumps after thread lift

Some patients will experience bruising, swelling and lumps after thread lifts. Some those in your picture appear to be where the skin has been pulled and lifted tightly.  There is possibly a haematoma as well which is bleeding that has occurred under the skin. This can result in fullness particularly around your jawline although the photos are difficult to interpret.  I would normally say it can take about 2 weeks or more for this to settle. I would recommend a review by your surgeon in person to discuss things. 

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