I had aquamid in my nose 4 months ago. The right side of my nose is now bigger than the left and looks deformed. What can I do?

I had aquamid inject in my nose about 4 months ago it has made my right side of my nose gone bigger. I had aspirations twice and the the doctor insert a liquid &did aspirations again but still looks the same as now it's settled in. How can I get it removed safely as I hate looking at myself and what would be the best way. I do not have an lumps but can feel it inside my nose and can see the aquamid lump from inside my nose hole. Please help me - I need help from London clinic.

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Aquamid nasal distortion

Aquamid which is a polyacrylamide semi permanent filler is a great smooth and very versatile  filler in my experience. If you are experiencing recent shape change of your nose four months after the original injection, I would obviously address this with the original practitioner who injected this to first confirm it indeed has altered the shape of your nose.  The next thing that must be done is  to rule out infection or the rare occasion of encapsulation of this injectible gel implant. If those latter two things are suspected, the doctor can simply puncture the offending area and express out the Aquamid. Things should return to normal quickly thereafter

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Swelling after Aquamid

I would use Kenalog injections slowly to try and reverse the degree of inflammation and swelling on your nose.


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