Excess bone - Why do I have a prominent forehead and is there any risk to reducing bone? (photos)

What is the perfect age of doing this? Forehead countering. I want to have male look rather than female forehead look. I want to have like normal people so what age is recommended to perform this operation. I am 20 years old now. Is it ok if 25 age. If you reduce that excess bone would it look compatible with rest bottom face like cheeks and etc.

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Prominent Brow

By looking at your photos your are dealing with a prominent frontal bone or bossing. This is usually characteristic of a male face and a reduction or reshaping can be done surgically. There are sinuses behind the brow that typically are large and give the prominent shape to the bone. Therefore, before considering surgery x-rays are needed to evaluate the bone thickness. At your age the facial bones have matured and the surgery can be done. I would find a surgeon who has experience is facial reshaping to get an opinion.

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Reduction of the forehead bone

This takes a special type of surgeon that is capable of removing these bony protuberances. This is not something that most hair transplant surgeons do. Special plastic surgeons and ENT facial plastic surgeons offer this type of service

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Taming the caveman forhead

It is true that some women have this procedure to look more feminine, but many men have this procedure because they feel that they look like a caveman and people assume they are mean, rough, or angry all the time.  Reducing the brow ridge (not removing it completely) opens up the eyes and can make you look more approachable without making your face look too feminine.   I would not perform the procedure on patients under the age of 18 in most cases, but at 20 it would likely be safe for you to have this surgery now or at any point in the future as long as you are in good health.  With an experienced surgeon the procedure is very safe and there are few complications.  It is important to discuss how the procedure will affect the overall appearance of your face with your surgeon.  Bryan Rolfes, MD

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