Does Liposuction Last?

I think I need Liposuction but its a ton of $$$ and i fear the fat will just come back a few months later. all that money and pain for nothing. How long does liposcution last and is it worth it?

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Is liposuction permanent

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Get fit first. Liposuction changes shape. It is not for weight loss. Keep this in mind:

  • liposuction shape change is permanent. 
  • if you eat to your new shape, fat does not return.
  • if you eat the same, fat returns but to other areas.
  • To change shape - have liposuction
  • To lose weight  - get fit with exercise, exercise, exercise and eating less.
  • Reasonably fit people can have lots of excess fat in the wrong place. They are likely to be happy with liposuction results.

With best wishes for your new shape, however you achieve it!

Liposuction- does it last?

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Liposuction removes fat.

The fat removed is permenantly gone. 

But it doesn't mean you can go hog wild eating Ben and Jerry's.  If you gain more than 5-10 pounds, your body store energy in a new fat cell.  Once you have a fat cell, it is yours to keep. Diet and exercise can shrink the fat cell, but it can't make it disappear.

So before you do liposuction, make sure your weight is STABLE.  I don't care if it is 10 pounds higher than you want, I care that you are not vacillating.  You need to have good habits- exercise and eating- in place.  You should have them in place and stable for months prior to surgery. 

Lauren Greenberg, MD
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon


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Does Liposuction Last and is it worth it - for most - ABSOLUTELY. However it will never take the place of diet and exercise to keep your weight stable. If you can do this then you will have long lasting improvement.
In general, yes. If you gain a large amount of weight, however, the operated area will also increase but not as much as would have occurred before the operation. Make sure that before you begin the procedure, you are as close to as your ideal weight as possible, as well as being able to maintain it. If you are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the surgery, then I would say that it is worth it. That way, the results will be more permanent.

Liposuction - longevity of result

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Thank you for your question.  Regarding a "lasting" result from liposuction, I tell this to all my patients:  Your body has a relatively fixed number of fat cells, which act as reservoirs for fat, expanding and contracting with weight gain or loss, accordingly.  Liposuction involves permanent removal of a certain number of these cells, resulting in a decreased ability to store fat in the area that was treated.  If you are to gain a significant amount of weight after surgery, fat will be preferentially stored elsewhere.  This can result in a somewhat strange-looking, asymmetric distribution of fat.  For this reason, as well as general health, it is of paramount importance to maintain a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise after undergoing liposuction.

Does liposuction last?

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Yes, liposuction lasts! Once the fat cells are removed they will not come back. It is possibly though that some of the remaining fat cells can increase in size if there is a significant weight gain. Generally though, with the appropriate lifestyle changes and a good diet, results are lifelong! Best wishes. 

Tyler Angelos, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Do the results from liposuction last?

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Thank you for your question.  The fat that is removed with liposuction is removed permanently.  Liposuction is a permanent method for fat reduction and the procedure will permanently change your body proportions.  Ideal candidates for liposuction are those patients who are at a stable and sustainable weight who have localized areas of stubborn fat pockets that are resistant to diet and exercise regimens.  Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, rather the goal is to sculpt the body and provide patients with better overall body contour.  

After a liposuction procedure, patients always run the risk of accumulating more fat in both the areas treated and not treated if they put on weight.  This new fat accumulation will be evenly distributed throughout the body, but the proportions obtained from the liposuction procedure (for example, the waist to hip ratio) should still be maintained.  It is important that patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, with both diet and exercise, post-operatively in order to maintain their liposuction results.  

If you are interested in having a liposuction procedure, I would recommend scheduling a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-experienced in liposuction and body contouring procedures.  It is important to have this consultation as this meeting and physical exam will best determine your candidacy and what type of cosmetic result or improvement that a patient can expect.  I hope this answers your question and best of luck!

Liposuction lasting

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Your liposuction will 'last' if you don't gain weight. A good candidate for liposuction is a patient who is at a stable and sustainable weight. 

Francis X. Fleming, MD
Kennewick Plastic Surgeon
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Poor Life Style Choices Such as Over Eating can Result in Weight Gain Following Liposuction

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Liposuction is typically performed to remove fat cells located in problem areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise. When these fat cells are removed with liposuction, they are gone forever. The only exception is when the patients are morbidly obese. Under these circumstances, fat cells can experience re-growth.

Unfortunately, poor life style choices such as over eating can result in weight gain. This can lead to enlargement of the remaining fat cells in areas that have been previously treated with liposuction. This can result in re-accumulation of fat in these problem areas and a recurrence of the original problem.

In most cases of weight gain following liposuction, the previous problem areas are minimally affected. The weight gain is usually more evenly distributed throughout the body and is therefore less problematic. It doesn’t significantly impact body contour and the over all aesthetic result.

Weight gain can have a significant impact on a patient’s result following liposuction. For this reason, it’s extremely important that patients maintain a healthy life style following this procedure. This will prove to be the best way to protect your investment and make it all worthwhile.

Does Liposuction Last?

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This question is so common and the answer so logical. Basically, when you remove fat cells, they are permanently gone. But fat cells can enlarge, meaning that you can still get fat. I have known patients that have had several liposuctions, but they continue to gain weight. Such a patient is not a good candidate for liposuction or even longevity for that matter.

Remember, when you gain wieght, it has to go somewhere. If your abdonem has been liposuctioned, there will be a tendency for the fat to go elsewhere since the fat cells have been reduced in your abdomen.  

So fat removal does last, but you still must have discipline to maintain your weight through proper dietary habits, and try to be physically active.

3 myths about liposuction – How long will it last?

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1.       Patient: “If I get liposuction of my stomach…all the fat will go to my elbows?”


Dr. S: WRONG!!!!  If the fat cells are physically removed from your abdomen and fat reappears it will evenly distribute to your body.  That being said, most people who have lipo are more inspired to diet and exercise.


2.       Patient: “I think liposuction does not last.  All the fat just came back.”


Dr. S: WRONG!!  Again, if the cells are physically removed new cells cannot be repopulated in this area.


3.       Patient: “I want to have liposuction so I can eat as much as I want after surgery.”


Dr. S: WRONG.  Liposuction suction is for selected pockets of fat.  Even though you are getting liposuction you still need to diet and exercise to maintain. 


Good luck and I hope this was helpful!

Dr. S

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