Liposuction Vacuum

Watched a video showing liposuction where the doc appeared to use a vacuum maching to suck out the fat. Is this what I can expct if I under go surgery? Looked to me that its going to be harsh.

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Suction pump devices are used for all breeds of liposuction.

All liposuction is done by vacuum.No it is not harsh.   Liposuction means just that....SUCTION.    Fat cells are loosely attached and the mechanical trauma breaks them up and the vacuum suctions them out.   If Ultrasound is used the ultrasonic energy melts the fat and then small cannulas SUCTION out the fat.  There is always SUCTION.  The suction device connects to a firm tubing that connects to a cannula.  The technology used is far far less important than the experience of the surgeon using it.  A great surgeon gets a great result with any technoogy and a mediocre surgeon does not get great results with any technology.  Nevertheless all use a vacuum suction pump.  It is interesting that companies are still not allowed to call vacuums liposcution devices.  So the pumps are sold and everyone knows the purpose.  A few more rediculous rules among many.  Good luck.

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Liposuction machine

the machine you are referring to is called an aspirator. In essence it is a vacuum pump that creates about 27mm of mercury of  suction. The suction goes to plastic tubing connected to a straw called a cannula. The cannula is dragged through the fatty tissues and it literally sucks the fat cells into the inside of the tube and then down to the collection container.There are some companies that place large boxes over the mechanics so that the machine looks sleeker, but it is just for appearances. It is just an aspiration machine. Like a pool sump.

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Liposuction is done with a vacuum type system that allows the fat to be sucked  into a tube as the tube passes over the area being treated.  It is usually not very painful.  Most patients complain of soreness like a tough work out at the gym.

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Suction and power assisted liposuction requires a vacuum to remove the fat to contour your body.  The machine is only a tool for extracting the fat, the procedure requires finesse and skill.  Liposuction is often referred to as liposculpture because of the care and precision most surgeons will pay to your final contour result. If you go to my website you will find a video describing the procedure in detail.

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Liposuction is a vacuum removal of fat

Vacuum, or aspiration using negative air pressure, removes fat in liposuction. This actually is a gentle treatment of fat! Studies show that many adipocytes, or fat cells, live after removal. This is less traumatic than other removal methods. Normally, patients can be very comfortable during the liposuction with only having tumescent local anesthetic.

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Liposuction Relies On Negative Pressure Evacuation

As the term liposuction implies, fat is ultimately removed by negative pressure caused by a vacuum device. It may not look very glamorous or eloquent but it is very effective. Technically the negative pressure causes the ease of vaporization of the water component of fat to escape more easily. That may make you feel better about the process.

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Liposuction Vacuum

You're funny Dr Otto! Yes LIPOSUCTION is a type of vacuum, using up to 1 negative atmosphere of pressure. It is one of the most common cosmetic operations in the world. From MIAMI DR. Darryl J. Blinski

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Liposuction vacuum

Yes, the liposuction machine uses negative pressure to create suction - essentially a vacuum. It is the surgeon's technique that prevents the procedure from being "harsh".

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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Liposuction = Lipovacuum. I like the sound of that

Liposuction = Lipovacuum. I like the sound of that! IT is actually a more specific and scientific description of the procedure. The question is how much vacuum and with what instrument or device. The devil is in the details. Surgeons spend hours debating the benefits of high versus low suction and various cannulae to extract the fat.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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