Swelling or Fat Leftover After Liposuction?

I had a Liposuction on January 31 on my love handles. I noticed that my right love handle is gone, but the left one is not gone completely. I know I'm still swollen because I feel sore and lumpy on both sides. I still have bruising on my left love handle, but it looks fatter. Did my doctor left some fat in this area, or is this just swelling?

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Wait a full 4 months.

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Hi!   It takes 4 months to see the final result from liposuction.  If after this time your left side is still bigger, then it is a combination of left over fat and internal scar tissue.  You can then have a touch up procedure.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

It is likely to be corrected with a revision

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 After 6 months, most of swelling should be resolved.  It sounds like you may have a bit of swelling since you feel pain and hardness.  Massage may help soften the deep scar areas  and resolve the edema.  Consider revision when full recovery is completed.

Reza Nabavian, MD
Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon

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