Liposuction Safe for Type I Diabetics?

Is liposuction safe for type 1 diabetics? Are the risks increased? I have seen debate about if liposuction could improve diabetes, but that is not the goal I am getting at. I don't need to lose significant weight but have a definite "pooch" on my lower tummy and am considering liposuction to get rid of what exercise and diet hasn't been able to get rid of so far. However, I'm a type one diabetic. I take injections in that area and have a tiny bit of scarring. Also, my HbA1c is around 6.5-7.0

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Medical History and Liposuction

Discuss your medical history with your physician before surgery. Based on your medical history, medical clearance from your PCP may be required depending on your medical history.

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Diabetics have more complications with liposuction.


This does not mean don't have it. You will probably do fine. But there is no question that diabetes is an important risk factor for liposuction or any cosmetic surgery.

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Keep diabetes under tight control

Diabetics are at increased risk of infection and wound healing complications. There is no way to quantify your risk. Clearly tight control of your diabetes in the perioperative period is essential. Given your HgbA1c level, it sounds as if you have achieved excellent management of your diabetes and that being said you should be at overall lower risk for complications of liposuction of a limited area. Clearly, this may be effected by your other health conditions or risk factors. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and endocrinologist.

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Liposuction for diabetics is safe in the right facility

Liposuction can be performed on diabetics with proper care. You should have the procedure done in a certified OR (JCAHO or whatever), not in an office. They will monitor your blood sugars and you will be fine. There is some increased risk of infection, but antibiotics should minimize that. Make sure your doctor and facility are top notch.

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