Liposuction for a Heart Bypass Patient?

I am rethinking about the Tummy Tuck procedure, but I'm still not happy with my shape. Would Liposuction be less invasive for my condition? Is it possible under local anesthesia?

For those who haven't read my last question, I had a triple bypass heart surgery four years ago. I am having a stress test this Monday to see if I can go for surgery; but from the advices here, it seems it's not a good option.

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You should have a thorough medical evaluation for either operation

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Your cardiologist should be the "point man" here. If he says you can have the surgery and the risk is low, then it may be OK. If there is elevated risk, I would recommend against surgery. Also understand that liposuction is not equivalent to a tummy tuck and will not provide equivalent results.

Orange Plastic Surgeon

Heart and Lipo

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We perform most of our liposuction cases in our accredited surgical suite under IV sedation. Surgeons may suggest general anesthesia with hospitalization. Heart conditions would require medical clearance from a cardiologist. Evaltuation by the surgeon is necessary to determine if you are a candidate for lipo.

Stephen A. Schantz, MD
Lexington Plastic Surgeon

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