Liposuction Cost for Arms and Thighs?

What is the approximate cost of Liposuction for arms and thighs?

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Minimum cost for liposuction is $6000.


You should expect to pay at least that much.  Make sure you have an accredited operating room and a board certified anesthesiologist.

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Arms and Thighs Liposuction Run About $6000-7000

Liposuction varies a lot depending on the number and size of the areas to be done and also what technique is used. The tumescent technique which is under local anesthesia and using the micro canulas give the best results by far but is also more expensive but well worth it ! Figure on spending about $6000-7000 for the inner and outer thighs and the arms. Don't go for cheap lipo prices because you will definitely be very sorry.

David Hansen, MD
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Huge variation in Liposuction costs

Hula Girl,

You can expect a wide variation in prices depending upon your geography. Contact the reputable surgeons in your area and you should be given a fair estimate of what the costs are in your locale.

Expect to pay more in areas where the cost of living is higher (i.e. California and New York), and less in areas such as here in Utah and the Mountain West.

Try not to base your decision on cost alone. You'll often get what you pay for.

Best wishes.

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