How Much Does Lipolite Cost?

Approximately, how much does LipoLite cost per area, specifically in upper arms?

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I have been using Lipolite for almost a year and have seen very nice results with it. While it is similar to the more recognizable "Smart Lipo", it has some features that I find makes it more effective. The key is that any laser-lipolysis must be used in conjunction with traditional (or tumescent) liposuction. Laser-lipolysis does not replace liposuction - those doctors that claim that it does, are being very misleading and doing a disservice to those of us who are experienced with this technology.

The cost will vary depending on geographic region and the area of the body, but in general, it costs slightly more than traditional liposuction alone. It can range from $1500 for a small area to $3000 per other area. Obviously, check with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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How much does lipolite cost

The fees are regionally dependent however, on average for upper arms costs are 2000-3000.00. For abdomen, upper and lower range from 4500-6000.00. For chin range is 2000-3000.00

Lori A. Brightman, MD
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Are you sure you want Lipolite?

I have not heard of anyone with success from Lipolite, which is a thermal injury laser from outside the body. Something that generates enough heat to melt fat may have risks that we don't know about to nerves and blood vessels, but let's hold judgement until it has been evaluated by many doctors first . Maybe it will work someday.

Zerona is a similar non-invasive procedure that does work somewhat and with no side effects at all for a cost of $2400. That would be a better choice although liposuction of the arms is easy and does have great results for about $4000.

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