Lipo to the Back of the Thighs

Im having lipo of the inner and outer thighs. During my PreOp my ps said woman in their 20's show the most success. I'm 46, fairly thin, and very active. He said he feels I will have good results. We havent discussed anything else like the exact area or the amount of fat to take. What are some things to watch for as marks me or questions to ask to make sure I will get the results I am hoping for? Also, can the back of the leg be liposuction?

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Liposuction of the legs

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In general there is 2.2 pounds per liter of fat removed.      In general you are 50% of the way there at 6 weeks and 80% at 3 months.    When large areas are treated with liposuction there is always some degree of fluid retention.   Liposuction is really more about how much fat is left behind and not how much fat is removed. You can remove all of the fat and it will not look very good.  The hamstring area on the back of the legs should be avoided, there is a high risk of rippling in this zone.  

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Liposuction on the back of the thighs

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Liposuction is a safe procedure for the thigh circumferential reduction, especially inner and outer thighs. for women <60 who are in good shape with active lifestyles, healthy diets and regular exercises and who are within a reasonable range of their body weight, liposuction is a great procedure to get rid of suttborn pockets of fat. the important thing is to make sure you thoroughly understand the post-procedure instructions and do exactly what your surgeon asks you to do. and return for follow up appointments as scheduled. it seems like youre in good hands and Im sure you will do great! 

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Liposuction of the back of the thighs

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You can have liposuction to the back of the thighs.

  • It increases your cost because it will take longer.
  • It is common, usually done with liposuction all around the thighs.
  • If you have plump, healthy skin, you should have a nice result.

Ask your surgeon to:

  1. discuss the risks
  2. estimate how much should be removed
  3. explain your recovery

Enjoy your result! Best wishes.

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