Male, Had Lipo of Abdomen, Flanks and Pubic Area. My Scrotum is Enlarged to Size Of Baseball?

I had abdominal, flank and pubic liposuction yesterday. I am wearing the compression garment and pain is okay. Drainage of fluid is proceeding as normal. My scrotum is about the size of a baseball! Afterwards, I could not urinate without pushing VERY hard. I went to the ER later that evening (just last night) and had a catheter put in. Now I am flowing freely. I fill up the bag every few hours. Is this normal? Should I get it removed soon? I'm afraid I won't pee on my own if removed.

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Scrotal swelling after liposuction

Severe scrotal swelling can occur after abdominal liposuction in men.

Bad enough to need a catheter - not common.

Have you notified your plastic surgeon? He/she should know about it.

You may already have been told the following standard advice:

  1. Keep your groin area elevated, keep ice compresses on the scrotum.
  2. Loosen the compression garment.
  3. Do not remove the catheter. Sere a urologist first - it is best to wait at least 5 days.

Otherwise you are right - it might just have to be replaced only the second time is more difficult.

This will go away. It may take several months to fully subside.

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Scrotal Swelling After Liposuction

Scrotal and penile enlargement after male abdominal liposuction is very common. It is a combination of the trauma of liposuction, gravity and the forcing of swelling downward by the compression garment. While I have never seen a man require a urinary catheter due to the swelling, it can happen. This is a temporary situation that will resolve itself in a week or so after surgery. I would advise to get the catheter out as soon as possible. 

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