Can Lipo Be Done on Pregnant Women

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A responsible, reputable plastic surgeon will not perform liposuction on a pregnant woman. You should be sure that you have fully recovered from pregnancy. We usually recommend waiting a minimum of six months after delivery (and stopping breast feeding) before scheduling liposuction in order to give the body enough time to completely heal.  

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This would not be wise to undergo liposuction while pregnant.  I don't know of any competent physician who would recommend it!

Mark Taylor, MD
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All elective procedures should be postponed until after pregnancy and breast feeding.

All elective procedures should be postponed until after pregnancy and breast feeding. The reasons behind it can be summarized:

  • the issues you have with body shape during pregnancy will change after pregnancy
  • you obviously want to be as safe as you can with your baby so why risk problems with medications

Richard H. Fryer, MD
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Can Lipo be done during pregnancy?

Yes it can but no it shouldn't. All elective surgery should be post-poned until after delivery. There is a one in 200 incidence of birth deformities anyway. You might blame yourself the rest of your life thinking you caused it when you didn't. Any surgeon willing to do lipo on a pregnant patient should be avoided at all costs.                 Dr Foster

Lawrence Foster, MD (retired)
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Pregnancy is a Good Time to be conservative

Congratulations on your pregnancy.  As your body goes through the inevitable changes, it will take time for you to get used to your new shape.  However pregnancy is not a suitable time for liposuction or any elective surgery.  The most important reason to wait is to avoid exposing the baby to the anesthesia and stress of surgery.  If your child were to have some problems at birth you might forever question the choice.  Additionally your body can change so much during pregnancy that it would be the wrong time to make a body contouring decision. 

Mary Lee Peters, MD
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Lipo on a pregnant Woman?

No, absolutely not. In addition a tummy tuck should not be performed at the same time as a c-section delivery, both are very bad ideas. The body changes tremendously during and after pregnancy, let your body regain its form and then decide if you would like to have a cosmetic procedure

Jonathan Weiler, MD
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Liposuction on pregnant woman

Physically, yes. But realistically, NO!  Pregnancy is a time to focus on someone else.  We get to focus on YOU later, but for now the focus is on the health of the child.  You don't want to take anything, or have anything give to you, that can hurt your growing baby.  Best of luck!

James E. Chappell, MD
Annapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Lipo when pregnant

Yes, it can be done, but it shouldn't.  Liposuction is an elective procedure and should not be performed while the patient is pregnant.

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
Katy Plastic Surgeon
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