Can U Get Lipo on the Back of the Head? for Fat Rolls on the Lower Part of the Skull? (photo)

Can U Get Lipo on the Back of the Head? for Fat Rolls on the Lower Part of the Skull?

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Lipo of the back of the neck and skull?

Yes Lipo can remove fat from anywhere on the body, from the nose to the toes, but posterior fat is always more fibrous and hard to remove. I reccomend external ultra-sound during the procedure to soften it. We have done several buffalo hump removals on women quite successfully. I can't imagine that several inches higher up wouldn't be the same.  Dr Foster

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Liposuction for the Back pf the Head?

The rolls of scalp that you show in your photo are not uncommon.  The tissue in that part of the upper neck and lower scalp is a mixture of dense fibrous tissue and fat.  Liposuction will not be of benefit here because of its fibrous nature. .

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Rolls on the back of the head

I think this is more skin than it is fat in which case liposuction will not get rid of the skin. Cutting out the skin would leave you with a visible scar since you do not have enough hair to cover it.

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