Is Lipo A Good Option for Under Arm Area Auxillary Fat?

I am 135lbs work out daily and eat very healthy. In last 2yrs I have noticed annoying fat towards back/top of my breast it is NOT part of my breast. I have tried tons of bras and its just ugly FAT! I can't wear lots of shirts it looks gross. Which type of lipo is best for under arm area auxillary fat & will my skin sag there if I do it?

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Liposuction in the axillary area

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I agree with Dr. Lapuerta. The area you describe/show is likely to be the axillary tail of the breast tissue and cannot be eliminated by liposuction alone. Any fat in this area or in the axilla itself can be suctioned with any liposuction technique and, properly done, shouldn't cause any sagging or skin problem. The problem is determining what is fat and what is breast tissue or connective tissue. An example is the breast itself. It has fat content and can be suctioned and fat extracted but it is currently not possible to know how much fat there is and what the resulting size will be. For the area you describe, more than likely an excision through a limited incision behind the anterior axillary fold can be done to be sure the tissue is removed. This can be done with local anesthesia as can any liposuction. 

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Axillary fat can be removed with very nice improvement!

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Axillary fat can be removed via tiny liposculpture incisions (usually 1 per side), and very nice improvements can  usually be achieved. I prefer the tiny ultrasonic cannulas and tumescent technique, which can be done under local, local plus sedation, or if you really want it, TIVA general anesthesia. Small localized areas such as this can be done quite comfortably and thoroughly under local anesthesia alone, but larger areas or multiple areas are usually done under TIVA (plus tumescent technique to reduce bleeding and bruising, as well as enhance post-op comfort) to achieve the smoothest and overall best outcome.

I'm sure you have much more awareness of this than I, but you should understand that with full breasts, a snug and full-coverage bra like you are wearing in your photograph pushes breast volume into a higher position. Any form of liposuction can reduce the volume of the fat in the axilla, but if you push tissues up with your bra choices, there will always be some degree of residual skin laxity that will "accept" the pushed-up volume. Best wishes!

Axilla arm Fat

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Axillary fat can sometimes be mistaken for actual breast tissue. You should be examined by a plastic surgeon. If it is just a fatty tissue, then that can be improved with liposuction. If it is breast tissue, which is very common, then that would have to be excised and taken out. Breast tissue is thicker and cannot pass through the liposuction cannula.

Liposuction of the axillae makes a big improvement.

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Liposuction of the axillae makes a big improvement to the front, side and back axillae(arm pit areas)  under local anesthesia with almost no down time.  The smaller micro cannulas make the difference and is easy to go through the procedure. Cost is roughly $4000.   Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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