1 Week Post Lipo To Arms- What's The Best Way To Heal Correctly? Any Movements To Avoid?

what movements should i avoid when recovering from arm liposuction? I have had liposuction to the arms 1 week ago. now i feel tightness and its hard to reach things above my shoulder. It hurts when i reach for things above my head and then i really feel the tightness. Ive been trying to keep my arms as immobile as possible. Will this help the swelling and healing? I want to avoid bumpiness and internal scarring in my arms. What should i do?

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Recovering From Arm Liposuction

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Whenever you find a lot of different opinions among doctors about how to handle an issue it is likely that there is more than one way to get the result. The method that I use for post op recovery may be different from your surgeon but both methods may have validity. I have patients use an elastic compression garment that covers the lipo suctioned area for four weeks. It is common to have swelling in the forearm and hand below the surgical site. Routine activites of daily living are acceptable, but extremes of reach are unwise. I have patients massage the area (no need for professional massage) to help with post op swelling and to minimize adhesion formation starting about day 10.

Arm liposuction

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The arms will certainly feel a bit tight after liposuction. Sometimes massage or stretching may help with the tight feeling that may have developed from swelling or inactivity.  Check with your doctor.

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