Lip Incompetence and Mentalis Strain- Easiest Way to Fix? (photo)

I can't close my lips at rest. I have to consciously push them together, and when I do, I get mentalis strain. I had braces years ago and my bite is perfect, so I wouldn't want to undergo jaw surgery. Is botox a good idea for the mentalis strain? Or would Botox weaken my muscle so that I couldn't close my lips properly anyway? I was hoping Botox could be administered to stop the chin strain, allowing me to close my lips without strain. I attached a frontal and side pictures of the problem

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Mentalis strain secondary to keeping lips closed

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Thank you for the question and photos.  You are correct, botox to prevent or minimize mentalis strain would diminsh your ability to bring your lower lip upwards to meet the upper lip.

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Botox and jawline

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It sounds and looks like you need to have a thorough assessment of what's happening with your bite and/or jaw with your dentist. Botox properly injected in the masseter muscles decrease them in size and strength and won't affect your mentalis. Treatment to your chin or mentalis muscle will do the opposite of what you need, by relaxing the muscle.

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