Can I Get Enough of a Lift Without a Lollipop Scar?

I am 26 year old. I am unhappy with the shape but not necessarily the size of my breasts (D). I would like a more lifted look, smaller areolas, and better cleavage (less space between breasts). I am very concerned about a lollypop scar because scars on all other part of my body tend to be dark and resistant to fading. My mother (B cup) was able to get a circumareola lift with a small implant and avoid the lollypop scar. Do you think that this could be an option for me as well?

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Lollipop lift is the preferred alternative

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Can you get enough lift with a small implant and a periareolar lift?  No.  You can't expect the skin of the areola to hold up the whole weight of the breast.  It will stretch out and become distorted and the breast won't be lifted enough.  The fear of the verticle scar prevents many people from getting an adequate lift, but usually the verticle scar heals surprisingly well.

San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift Without Lollipop Scar

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Depending on your particular condition, a lollipop incision may be the best, most effective option for your breast lift. Though there are alternatives that offer less scarring, your surgeon may suggest that you proceed with the lollipop breast lift because of the width, height, and sagginess of your breasts. To best determine whether or not another type of breast lift would give you the results you are expecting, consult with two or three board certified plastic surgeons in your area. 

Miguel Delgado, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lifting Technique?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Based on the pictures and your stated goals I think you will likely be better off with a vertical mastopexy and augmentation.  The use of breast implants will help improve the cleavage area that you discuss.

Although your concerns regarding scarring are understandable, most patients undergoing this procedure will accept scarring as long as their overall goals in regards to size, shape, contour and symmetry are met. 

If the scarring is not acceptable to you at this point, it would be better not to have any surgery than to be disappointed with the results.

Best wishes.

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You need a full lift

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Based on your pre operative photos you have a significant amount of droop to your breasts. The peri areolar lift will not sufficiently lift your breast and i even feel that the lollipop may not be enough,. The additional scar along the breast base allows the maximal amount of skin to be removed and this scar hides. Remember in certain circumstances the right operation might be the one with the longest scars. It's still better than having ti do it a second time because the abbreviated version did not meet your expectations.

Charles Virden, MD
Reno Plastic Surgeon
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Minimal scar lift and attempting to achieve enhanced cleavage and projections.

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Based on your apperance I would not advise a circumareolar scar especially with implants to achieve cleavage unless you have modest expectations. Antolher alternative would be selective fat grafitng for cleavage and circumareolar lift and or internal Benelli type round block plication for enhaned projection.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift Scars do NOT need to be unsightly

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Hi there-

It would be impossible to say without formally examining you, but my impression based on the photo you posted is that it would not be possible to achieve a pleasing shape with a minimal scar technique.

Please understand that not all breast lift techniques are appropriate for all patients, and when the technique is chosen for the wrong reasons (like the patient wanting a small scar), there is usually a lot of regret for both patient and surgeon afterwards. Some of these funny looking breast shapes are impossible to correct completely.

You also should know that, even in darker skinned patients, it is possible to achieve a pleasing and inconspicuous scar with aggressive and appropriate postoperative scar management protocols.

You can see good examples of these pleasing scars on my profile page if you like- but any skilled and experienced plastic surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery should be able to do a good job for you.

Breast lift -lollipop scar

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Your situation is not an easy one to answer.With the scarring history in your family i would think less is better.A donut mastopexy with a slight augmentation may be the way to go.I always tell my patients you can always come back and have a full lift with more scarring but once the incision is made you CAN NOT erase it and start all over.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Donut VS Lollipop Lift - Which is Better?

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In your case, it is really hard to know which will work best for you without examining you in person.  Your breasts appear to sit far apart, so trying to get better cleavage will require some inetsive planning as well.  The circumareolar lifts work well, but only for select individuals.  In your case, the tension around the arola may be too much and cause that scar to be alot worse then you would expect.  I would go for a cosnultation and see what  board certified plastic surgeon has to say after examining you in person.  Good luck.

LIft and/or implants

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WIthout a full exam, because the photo angles looks a bit off, I could not be sure.  I do alot of circumareola lifts with implants but they are for select individuals.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Candidates for Periareolar Lift

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A periareolar lift would not provide you with the desired superior and medial fullness, nor adequately lift your breast. The scar would be extremely visible and your sagging will persist. Plus the Areola will be remain large and potentially get larger. You need a vertical lift. Don't be afraid of the vertical limb scar, it almost always heals the best. The vertical limb is very powerful in tightening and lifting the lower pole of the breast and stabilizing a small areolar contour so it doesn't stay large or get larger. Knowing your tendencies for pigmentation, once the scar is healed, bleaching creams can be applied. 

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