I have a pec Implant. I am feeling pain and the implant don't set well. Is this normal? (photos)

i have pec implent , the doctor put me big implent that stick me in the musle and the armpit and its also get out from the musle and its not enturly under the musle, when i linedown the implent fulldown to the armpit, and when my hunds up its look like teets, and also i have pain and i think its only becouse he didnt cut the Edges of the implant in the armpit, he say it ok, but its not look ok and painful and the implent dont seet good, its normal?

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Pec Implant Placement is crucial!

It is hard to tell from your photos The proper placement of the implants is crucial because if it is off at all, it is easier to tell, because the average patient is lean-- there is little subQ fat to hide the malposition. The position can be shifted after surgery for a short period before the capsule formation is complete. This is usually about the first month, after which time, surgery is usually needed to improve malposition. Good Luck.

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Difficult to see from your pictures

Your pictures are small and difficult to see.  If your implant seems to be exposed in the armpit area, it is possible that an incorrect size was chosen.  With pectoral implants it is crucial that the dimensions fit you well.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Pectoral Implant Size and Placement

I can see from the pictures the problems you are describing. The main problem I see is that the implants do not have a tight and secure pocket under the muscle. The implant pocket is to big and the implant displaces to the side. Ideally, the implants should be stable and remain in the correct midline position when moving or lying down. Also, i generally prefer a more flat, vertical-rectangular implant to avoid a feminized appearance. It also appears that the implants are to far apart in the midline. 
It is not difficult to change an implant. If possible, the implant would need to be placed into a new and smaller pocket, under the old one. If that is not possible, the old pocket would have to be reduced, a capsulorrhaphy, being the medical term. This is done in part from an additional incision at the base of the nipple area. This is a slow process taking longer than placing the original implant, only preformed if needed. I think you miay wish to change the implant as well to a more flat, vertical-rectangular implant. Unfortunately, the repairs done correctly end up costing the same or more than the original surgery.  Few surgeons are experienced to perform this type of work. Do your research. 

Sam Gershenbaum, DO
Aventura Plastic Surgeon
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