After the Male Pectoral implant surgery has healed, can you feel the implant ???

I am curious if after it has healed if you can feel and if it obvious? I am look for a male pec implant that give projection but is soft not too solid. Is this possible?

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Yes, but it should still be natural feeling and looking

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You may be able to feel your implants, but when performed correctly it should look pretty natural and not feel obvious.

After the Male Pectoral implant surgery has healed, can you feel the implant ???

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As a bodybuilder, I see quite a few patients who want some form of implant enlargement for a particular lagging muscle group. The placement of pectoral implants usually involves customizing existing implants to fit the contours of each patient to produce a natural look that fits chest wall and pectoralis dimensions. It is still possible to feel the implant, but tapering of the edges prevents palpable irregularities.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

How does a pectoral implant feel?

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Male pectoral implants are fairly soft, although not as soft as female breast implants. How hard your chest feels after the surgery varies to some extent depending on how much of your own breast tissue there is covering the implant. The more tissue you have, the softer it will feel overall. If someone feels your chest looking for an implant, they may be able to feel it. With that being said, most men are quite happy after the surgery.

Paul Wigoda, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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