Varicose Veins in the Breast After my Surgeries?

hi 2 months ago I had a breast augmentation and everything was fine until three weeks ago when I noticed that I have varicose veins in both breasts, especially on the right side. I am very worried and sad. my question is: is this normal? Do I need to get them removed or will they go away on their own? thank you very much

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Prominent veins after breast augmentation

Some women do develop more prominent veins after breast augmentation. It is unlikely that they are varicose. Usually this improves with time.  But check it out with your doctor.

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Prominent veins after breast augmentation

It is possible to develop enlarged veins in the breast area several weeks after breast augmentation. They may be more noticeable on one side than the other. Usually no intervention is necessary, and they may resolve on their own.

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Prominent breast veins after augmentation with implants

Yes, in some instances having more prominent and visible veins (NOT TRUE VARICOSE VEINS) occurs after breast augmentation surgery. Sometimes the use of bronzing agents can help to camouflage their appearance.

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Please send picture

You need to send picture since varicose veins in the breast are uncommon. Most patients have prominent superficial veins that become more obvious post surgery since the tissue is stretched. Bigger the implant,  more obvious veins .

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Prominent Veins on Breast Post-Surgery: Mondor's Disease?

Mondor's Disease is a rare situation which can occur after surgery to the chest and breast.  It is a type of superficial vein clotting (thrombosis) that involves the superficial veins of the chest and breast.  It is usually hard and tender at first, then slowly the clots liquefies and resorbs.  This type of thrombosis does not embolize somewhere else.  It is self-limiting and is usually taken care with NSAIDs, and warm compresses.  Because vein thrombosis can rarely occur with other situations, it is still advisable to see your surgeon about it for him/her to assess them.

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Varicose veins in breast after my surgeries?

After undergoing breast augmentation surgery, it could be a possible that its thrombosed veins, which resemble cords occasionally develop in the area of the breast and resolve without medical or surgical treatment. Mondor's disease, where veins appear in the breast region, is also a very rare disease. If it is varicose veins, this can be treated by laser treatments. I would definitely recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon. He or she would be able to examine you and provide the proper care.
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