Left Breast Implant Hurts after 7 Years?

Hi,I have brest implants 7 years ago. My left brest hurts a lot but, not all the time. I feel the pain all around the breast but is more painful around the clif. I'm very consern because started just like little pain and know is incresing. Thank you.

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Having pain after 7 years is something to pay attention too, you should go to your primary Doctor or your surgeon. It can be few things a Capsular contraction, infection or a rupture.

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Breast implant pain

Usually if an implant is painful after 7 years, it usually represents a capsular contracture. Of course, there are other causes of pain and all should be investigated. An exam is key.

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Left Breast Implant Hurts after 7 Years

To properly address your question, an in person consultation is necessary.  The most likely explanations would be capsular contracture or rupture. If your implanting surgeon is still practicing in the area, consult with him/her. If not, consult with 2 - 3 board certified plastic surgeons in your area to get a better understanding of your condition and treatment options.

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Breast pain 7 year after breast augmentation

After any breast augmentation procedure, there are a few risks that increase with time. 1. capulsar contracture 2. rupture. Without seeing your current breast pictures and examining you, it is difficult to determine the etiology of your discomfort. However, I would venture to guess that you likely have a capsular contracture problem. Capsular contracture problems present themselves as either breast pain, a distorted breast shape, or both. What type of implants did you have placed? Are your breast looking symmetrical and natural, or is one breast more distorted than the other? I would recommend that you follow up with the surgeon that performed your surgery. Consult with him and together you can determine what would be best for you.

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