If a Breast Implant Bottoms out is Tacking Skin to Rib Muscle to Hold It Up Common?

Thats what i had done !4 months ago and it hurts on a daily basis. This is the 3rd failed procedure with my dr and i need help on what to do.

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Correct a Bottomed Out Breast Implant

Thank you for your question. Typically the pocket of the bottomed our breast implant is made smaller by suturing the implant pocket (inside the skin) to the tissue-I use rib periosteum-stronger than chest muscle)-closed at the proper level of the inframammary crease.

This can cause pain post operative but usually the discomfort is gone by 6 weeks.

Other cosiderations if you have had 3 failures are:

  • Use of firm support bra after surgery
  • smaller breast implant

Bottoming out of breast implants

If a breast implant bottoms out, one of the ways to correct it is tighten/close the breast pocket by closing off the bottom.  This is done be tightly suturing the area closed as it has a tendency to open up.  In my practice, in addition to performing this procedure I have my patients wear support bra or dressing to push the skin against the rib cage to hold it in place and support the repair.

Pain can occur for various reasons and may or may not be because of the tacking.  

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