Is It Okay to Use Latisse After PRK Surgery?

I had PRK surgery on October 27th of 08. Then had a removal of scar tissue in one eye in Oct of 09. Could I start using the product lattisse or should I wait? If so how long do I have to wait?

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Latisse after PRK

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Check with the surgeon who performed your PRK, but in general, and as long as you follow the instructions, there should be no reason that you cannot safely and effectively use Latisse.

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Yes, just be careful when applying

Yes, it is fine to use Latisse after PRK. However, you should be very careful not to scratch the eye when applying the product. That is the only thing to worry about as your eyes are still healing from surgery.

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Latisse is very safe drug. There are some contraindications to its use.

Ask you ophthalmologist when you can safely use it after your surgery.You want all healing to be complete before using latisse

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Latisse Use

Latisse is an incredible safe medication IF used properly. It is meant to be applied very sparingly on the junction of the upper lid with the eyelashes at bed time. According to its manufacturer Latisse should not be used by pregnant women / nursing mothers, in people with active intraocular inflammation (e.g., uveitis), in those with active eye condition, including an eye infection, or have broken eyelid skin, by patients with known risk factors for macular edema or by cataract patients who either had their eye lens removed or replaced with a lens implant. Having had surgery a few months ago is NOT a contraindication.

For the most comprehensive review of LATISSE on the Internet, follow the link below.

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