Can Latisse Be Used to Promote Scalp Hair Growth?

I have long hair, but I try really hard to keep it long, as it grows REALLY slowly. It's been hard my whole life to have long hair, and it seems to be worse lately. Does anyone know if Latisse could safely be used on the scalp? I've never tried it on my lashes, so I don't know if this is something not feasible or not. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

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It would be very expensive to use Latisse regularly on your scalp

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We have studies proving that Latisse works well on stimulating eyelash growth, but there have not been studies on using it for other parts of the body. In my experience, Latisse also works well in other places that hair grows.

I have not had any patients use Latisse for the hair on their head, primarily because it would be very expensive. One 3 ml bottle of Latisse usually contains about 80 - 100 drops and usually costs betwee $99 - $120. This can last a long time when using it for eyelash or eyebrow growth. However, it would not last very long using it on your entire scalp. Hopefully, a preparation for scalp hair growth will be available in the future. I am sure that it would be very popular.

Philadelphia Oculoplastic Surgeon

Bimatoprost helps eyelashes not scalp hair

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Bimatoprost (marketed by Allergan under the name Latisse) is FDA approved for promoting eyelash growth

Phase 2 clinical trials showed it did not help promote much scalp hair growth in men and women with genetic hair loss. The company plans to conduct a brand new study using a formulation that is 10 times more concentrated. 

Stay tuned. 

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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