Does Using Latisse Promote Growth of Missing Lashes?

I had a bad habit of playing with my lashes whenever nervous/worried, to the point where I'd pull them out. I now currently have noticeable gaps where lashes once were and I use liquid eyeliner daily to hide the gaps. Would using Latisse promote growth of the missing lashes in the 'bald' areas????

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Latisse for Eyelash Trichotillomania

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The most important part of improving the eyelash density is addressing the underlying tendency to pull the eyelashes. You might want to speak to your physician about options to deal with the underlying reasons you pull the lashes.

But these lashes are likely injured and not permanently damaged - especially if you only pull on your lashes occasionally or haven't been doing it very long. 

If you can get assistance with stopping the pulling, it's likely you'll have some improvement even without Latisse but Latisse could promote improvement.

Some individuals don't truly fit the definition of trichotillomania but rather just have a nervous habit. Ask your physician about options to stop pulling. There's many possible options.

Vancouver Dermatologist

Does Using Latisse Promote Growth of Missing Lashes

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Latisse works by stimulating the eyelash hair follicle to grow fuller, thicker and longer eyelahes. This all sounds great, however, you have to have a working hair follicle in order for the treatment to have an effect. If you have permanently damaged or destroyed the follicle by repeated injury to that area, then you will not see a direct effect on that dead follicle. You will, however, receive an effect on the collateral living follicles, thus, likely will notice a filling out of your eyelash line. The gap created by the nonworking follicles would then be filled in somewhat by the Latisse effect on the working follicles.

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist

Pulling out eyelashes - Trichotillomania

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Pulling out eyelashes or eyebrows or other hair follicles while nervous or excited, is called Trichotillomania. I would suggest two things: 1. if you haven't already been evaluated or treated for Trichotillomania, you do that first. Because if the Latisse does work, you might be more inclined to pull on your lashes and cause more harm. 2. Latisse only works on active hair follicles, so you might want to be evaluated and see if you do indeed still have active follicles in the missing gaps. Assuming you do, the Latisse will work fine and fill in the gaps.

Regrowing eyelashes with Latisse

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Latisse works by increasing the amount of time each eyelash hair remains in the growing phase so you need to have a living hair follicle to see growth of the missing lashes. You won't know if it will work unless you give it a try and refrain from pulling any more lashes. On a more personal note, ten years ago my wife lost all of her eyelashes due to allergies, none of which regrew. After using Latisse for approximately one year, she has now regrown the majority of her eyelashes.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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If the hair follicle is dead,  Idon't think Latisse wil bring back to life. However since you don't know that for sure, give it a try and at least the existing lashes will thicken

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Latisse and missing lashes

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Latisse works by making your lashes grow longer, thicker and (sometimes) darker.  In order for Latisse to work you need to have a living hair follicle (root).  If you have pulled out your lashes it is hard to know for sure if you still have living hair folicles under the skin.  If you do, then Latisse should help.  I would ask your cosmetic doctor or ophthalmologist to see if Latisse may by worth a try.

Marc Cohen, MD
Philadelphia Oculoplastic Surgeon
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