Is It Safe to Use Latisse After the Expiration Date?

I have two bottles of Latisse that have an expiration date of 5/2010. Are these still safe to use? Will the effect be lessened? What is the after expiration shelf life?

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Better to throw it out

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While it may be safe to use, why risk it? It's better to throw out the expired Latisse just in case. 

Using Latisse After the Expiration Date

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Many medications are actually still quite effective long after their expiration date. The dates are usually there because of FDA requirements. If you're using a product after its expiration date and it seems to have less effect then it's time to replace it. Other risks, such as infection, would be very unlikely. 

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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If a drug or product is past date, toss it.

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There are expiration dates on pharmaceuticals mostly because of oxidation issues. Once a product has been opened, oxygen affects it's effectiveness. In some cases, some of the necessary chemical components are altered by this process of oxygen and light exposure so that the product no longer has the same action.

If it's only recent that your Latisse is expired say within the last 30 days, you're probably okay using the rest.  If you find that you are not utilizing the entire content of your Latisse with the use-by date from the time you purchased it, that probably indicates you are using it only intermittently - and not getting the full benefit.

Note -  We've been advises that some people are buying RX products from nonphysicians. NEVER purchase prescription items from an unknown source. I have heard of some people selling their partially used product on online sites or through private exhanges. This can be dangerous as you have no way of knowing what's in the bottle or container, and you can't know  what might have been introduced during its initial use. Nor should you use an RX product that was prescribed by or used by another person - even family.

Your eyes are precious, Taking risks is not worth any small amount of money you might save.

Nasrin Mani, MD
La Jolla Physician
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Using pharmaceuticals after expiration date

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I do not recommend using any pharmaceutical after it's posted expiration date. The expiration date derives from a variety of studies and expired products should not be used.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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