Can I Use Latisse if I'm Using Drops to Prevent Glacoma?

I am taking 2 different eye drops as a preventative for glacoma. Can I use Latisse along with these drops?

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Latisse for glaucoma patient

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You will have to see your doctor and ask them, as it depends on the kind of medication you are taking. However, generally speaking, Latisse is not suitable for individuals with glaucoma.

Latisse with glaucoma eye drops

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Which medications are you using?

If you are using Lumigan, you will likely see some of the "side effects" that are provided with Latisse.

There should not be an issue with using both Latisse and instilled drops as long as you use the products per instruction.

Latisse Use in Glaucoma Patients

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Latisse began its life as Lumigan, anti-glaucoma eye drops which were found to be associated with growing longer eyelashes. Lumigan was applied as eye drops and some of the medicine reached the eyelash follicles causing more of them to remain in the growth phase. Since Latisse WILL drop eyeball pressure IF applied as eye drops, it should not be used when other eyeball lowering pressure medications are used UNLESS the patient truly understands what they are doing. Dr. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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Latisse use by patients with Glaucoma

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Hi there-

Generally speaking, Latisse is contraindicated in patients with Glaucoma. For an answer specific to your unique situation however, you should consult with the physician who treats you for the eye problem.

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