Can Latisse Damage Lash Follicles?

Hi! I have used Latisse for about 4-5 months and was really impressed with the results. But this week a lot of my lashes are falling out. On one eye I have lost maybe 10 lashes and have a few long, some short lashes and bold spots left. Is there some kind of explanation for this? Is it often enough to use the product 2 times a week after week 16? I have read somewhere that Latisse can cause permenent damage to lash folicles. Can you tell me about this?

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Latisse Will Not Damage Hair Follicles

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Latisse has been shown to be quite safe and will not damage the hair follicles. Individual hairs go through a growth cycle, then a resting phase and then are shed. You most likely have had numerous hairs in the shedding phase simultaneously. If the hair loss continues without new growth taking place you should be further evaluated by a dermatologist.

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Latisse and follicles

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Latisse should not damage your follicles. The eyelashes, like the hair on your head go through hair cycles. It sounds like you are going through your telogen/or shedding cycle. This can be frustrating since you are now loosing the longer lashes that you have worked so hard on getting. If this continues and  you loose more than 1/3 of your lash volume you should see a dermatologist.

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