Fat Loss from Laser Treatments?

Can Laser Treatment for Wrinkles End Up Melting a Bit of Fat in Your Face? I have read numerous reports on this, especially people who go in for surgery such as a mid face lift and get a fat transfer, and then laser after. It takes away fat in their face. As well as people who just get laser alone. What laser will not do this and will remove fine lines?

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Lasers and fat loss

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Some lasers if not used properly may cause fat atrophy. It realy depends upon which one that is used.  Do not forget that as we age, the tissues thin out and the face descends a bit. 

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Surface lasers do not cause fat atrophy

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If the laser is passed like a liposuction machine, then controlled fat loss is possible.  The surface lasers do not cause fat atrophy.

Nasimul Huq, MD
Niagara Falls Plastic Surgeon
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Lasers do not cause fat atrophy

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Lasers do not cause fat atrophy. The study of fat reduction has taken us to ultrasound and freezing and the only lasers that are used for fat reduction are those inserted into the skin during liposuction procedures.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist

Skin lasers do not cause fat atrophy

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Light-based devices, such as lasers, do not penetrate enough to cause fat atrophy when treating through the skin. Laser assisted liposuction involves a laser fiber that is inserted through the fat and that can cause fat shrinkage.  Radiofrequency and ultrasound, however, may have the potential to cause fat atrophy, but this is a very rare risk (was not common but occurred more with the earliest Thermage technology, not the new CPT technology) and this may be explored in the future to harvest the energy and produce desired fat atrophy.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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