Laser Treatment for Oily Skin?

I am trying to improve the texture of my skin. It has a very greasy, shiny look with a lot of pores all over my face. I am on the Obagi system using Renova .02%. My dermatologist said it would really help my pores in about 6 months. Do you think a Genesis Laser, IPL laser or any other laser would help address these problems? Am I going to be wasting my money on one of these non ablative procedures? Thank you.

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Try a mild fruit acid peel for oily skin

The obagi system is a good skin care system. However, I would recommend using Retin-A of up to 0.1% in this case. The laser treatments you listed are used more for fixing sun damaged skin and dark spots. It sounds to me like a mild fruit acid peel would work best for treating your oily skin and large pores.

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