Which Laser is Best at Revising Hypertrophic Scars from Cuts? (photo)

I would like to have my scar revised. I want laser resurfacing for making it less noticable. But which laser treatment would be suitable? as there is laser, pixel, co2 and pulse dye laser. The scar skin is shiny and thin. I know that it will not be removed completely but I want it to become less noticeable. Which laser would be more effective at doing a good job? Thank you.

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Laser Scar Treatment

You have many options for treatment and different physicians will give differing opinions as there are not official guidelines on the best treatments for scars with lasers.   Most would agree that non-ablative fractional with or without pulsed dye laser or KTP can give excellent results with little downtime.  Some feel that fractional ablative like erbium or carbon dioxide give even better results (I am one of those), but they typically have more downtime.  The key is to go to a physician well trained in lasers and surgery and the treatment of scars.  You wont go wrong with the majority of laser treatments if your physician is well trained and has a well-outlined plan for your long-term care.  Most importantly, a scar is forever, nothing will make your skin the same that it was before.  However, we have many treatments that can make the skin much better and improve the appearance and texture quite dramatically.  And, in some patients, those with change in motion or restrictions from tight scars, improvements in mobility will also be noted.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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Fraxel SR 1500

It is unfortunate that your surgical site did not heal well after your injury. I have to assume that you have no tendon injuries. Please make sure that you have that checked out before you start the cosmetic part of this(get a "you're all ok" by an orthopedic surgeon).Your scar is both hypertrophic (thickened), and atrophic (thinned out). Also, your scar is depigmented (loss of natural skin color). And, your scar is on your hand, i.e. "off the face". Based on the parameters that I listed, I would suggest treatment with the Fraxel SR 1500. This is a non-ablative erbium laser by the way. 

Christine Glavey, MD (retired)
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Lasers for scars

Many of the laser companies are doing research on treating scars with lasers. The best treatment for red scars is a vascular laser (pulse dye,IPL/BBL, 1064 etc). For non-red raised scars the best treatment is a fractional laser. We don't know at this time which type of fractional laser is best - non-ablative fractional like the original Fraxel device or ablative fractional lasers such as erbium or carbon dioxide although most of us think the ablative fractional devices are better. I use the Sciton Profractional erbium laser for most of my scar work.


Please note that I lecture and do research for Sciton.

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