Laser Resurfacing to Smoothen Hair Transplant Cobblestone Effect?

I had a hair transplant done years ago that probably was a mistake. I'd now like to just be bald.

Trouble is, the transplanted area is covered in 2 to 3 mm depressions, many a much darker pink than the rest of my caucasian scalp. I can't just shave the area.

My impression of laser resurfacing is that it can bring smooth skin to patients who begin with relatively mild skin problems. For those with more significant problems, improvements are partial.

Can laser resurfacing give me a smooth pate, or is it likely to leave a bumpy, discolored mess?

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Perhaps Fraxel re:store can help

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It might be possible to make the surface of the grafts become more flush with the surrounding skin by using multiple Fraxel Re:store laser treatments, but it might not work. Don’t remove your hair yet. If you try the Fraxel, ask the physician to do a test site on one area for several sessions and see for yourself how this small area heals prior to treating the whole scalp.You may not see improvement and it is possible that you will decrease the growth of hair in the treated area. It is also possible that you might stimulate more hair growth via the laser energy, that’s why you should do one small area first.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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When does laser resurfacing help?

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Since there are no guarantees, I would suggest TEST SPOTS. Then the treating surgeon can assess, with you, whether or not to treat the whole area. It may improve. If the spots are darker, you can lighten with creams. Always use sunscreens and hats. If the "scars" are red, then the laser may help alot if it is a pulsed dye laser.

Beverly Johnson, MD
Silver Spring Dermatologic Surgeon

A combination of lasers will work best

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The scalp is an area which can be resurfaced, very much in the same manner as we would resurface the face. It is difficult to tell without seeing your scalp, but I would consider using the Vbeam perfecta to address the red or pink areas and then resurface the scalp with the Fraxel repair. Depending on the amount of damage, you may need multiple treatments. Take care, Dr. Groff

William Groff, DO
San Diego Dermatologist
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Combined non-ablative/ablative fractional resurfacing best for cobblestone scalp

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Avoid traditionbal flat beam CO2 resurfacing-it will not plump depressed areas and delayed healing is possible.

New combined fractional laser skin resurfacing using the 1440 and 2940 Erbium lasers is the better choice.

I would start with fractional nonablative 1440 laser resurfacing -very safe and these lasers tend to build collagen in the depressed areas. After 3 treatments, the fourth can be combined with the ablative fractional Erbium 2940.

This is the best option but I am not aware of any published studies showing significant results-so no guarantee of success.

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